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Your Brain on Junk Food

What is the neurology of bingeing? I’ve been fascinated by what causes the out-of control- addictive behavior that seems to overcome me; often times the urge comes out of nowhere. I wondered, " Am I crazy?" My behavior sure is. As it is turns out the binge behavior is very explainable and therefore “normal.” The binge phenomenon is spurred on by chemistry far more powerful than mental willpower. The more I understood the brain’s response to junk food, the easier it became for me to take control over it. Junk food alters brain chemistry and it is crucial to understand how it does if you want to reach for anti-aging, and strive for a transformational body.

Phytoncides; Forest Bathing Fitness trend has hit the USA

There is a persuasive theory about why the simple act of going outdoors near plants and trees for brief intervals, can impact your health so positively. Plants release a chemical called phytoncides  and they use this important anti-microbial  chemical for protection from rot and decay. Research indicates that humans also benefit from these vital compounds.The Japanese recognize these effects, and have a popular practice called  Shinrin-Yoku  or "forest bathing" based on the therapeutic effects of being near nature, parks, trees, and plants. The Shinrin-Yoku practiced has recently become on-trend internationally, Oprah Winfrey helped popularize this practice,  also called, " Forest Medicine "