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Taking exams? Go On The Training Table

It’s exam season, and do you know that foods do in fact impact your testing outcomes?  Healthy pre-exam nutrition, and a few healthy habits the week of exams, can give you the edge you are looking for. I am dedicating this entry to my hard-working students.

Veggies; phytochemicals and their Ilixer health and beauty boost

Immune boost and antioxidants I don’t like using the word "miraculous," mindlessly, but vegetables, as I have discovered, actually do many miraculous things for health and beauty.  Plant foods contain phytochemical, or phytonutrients and for purposes of this entry, I will define these as biologically active compounds found in fruits and vegetables. A  commonly known one is, for example, antioxidants. These chemicals help the plant protect themselves from germs, bugs, fungi and other plant ravages.

Obesogens; compounds that reprogram your body

Have you felt that you are gaining weight that is  not i n proportion to what you may be eating? Then you will want to learn about obesogens, Obesogens are common compounds and substances that we come into contact with and consume each and every day. They are capable of  reprogramming or redesigning the amount of fat cells our bodies were intended to have.