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3 key steps to your Health-Over

Your Health-Over : dissolving bad habits --- 3 key steps to getting started For those readers who are looking to get started on a health-over, or healthier you- it is worth contemplating some of the falsehoods about succeeding in weight loss and fitness. Overcoming temptations is profoundly complex; positive, and permanent outcomes are sadly, somewhat rare. Let’s begin with the word “willpower” which is a complicated process. In my view, the broad term “will-power” is as outdated a concept as the word “diet.”   It’s not as simple as willing something or digging deep to find that thing called willpower.
VALUE OUR LIFE CYCLES I am still in the first few weeks of retirement. I feel a sense of liberating joy starting to flow through me in waves as I take in and begin to grasp what it means to retire and no longer follow protocols and regulations associated with my workplace.  I had an epiphany this morning as I was listening to music and taking my walk. It is during these walks when the flashes of insight seem to be taking place. It’s starting to feel like I’m turning 21, like the whole world is before me again. Granted, realistically there remain only about ten high quality years, but that seems like a long exciting spell of time to feel this way.   I’m lucky to be healthy and have that decade to look forward to and who knows, I could possibly have more than the decade. 

Turning Point: Use your training Table for anti-aging

Training Table and Retirement: We have our turning points in life, a decisive moment and watershed events along our life-journey.   Learning to walk, learning to drive, turning 21, perhaps marriage, birth, funerals. Events that let us know we are embarking in a new and significantly different phase, or stage of our life.   I reached yet another such exact point in time, In March when I turned 65. As the marker birth year approached, torrents of Medicare information deluged my home. Our society let me know that a major turning point is approaching. Week 1 of retirement: Turning effect: You’re old, it’s now and it’s real. The Training Table philosophy uses milestones as a pause for reflection, celebration, and healthy growth. As an anti-ager, the 65 th birthday threshold is a time to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. As of 7 days ago, I in fact retired from a 44-year teaching career and hence am at the threshold of a new phase. So how do I feel? I celebrat