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RECIPE for Lentil Quinoa Vegetable Soup Recipe

It’s no secret that when we cook for others, sharing and preparing food brings joy to those eating and perhaps even more happiness to the cook. Reflecting this positive influence on cooking as a wellness therapy, is a an increasingly popular trend in self-care called Cullinary Arts Therapy which is all the more popular and meaningful for many since the pandemic has driven many newcomers into the kitchen. The role of nutritious food is all the more meaningful now.Studies indicate that helping and nurturing others, boosts our own wellbeing. In my personal experience if I make something delicious like a cake, that makes me feel good, but if it’s something particularly health- inducing, such as soup, I’m exponentially more satisfied and excited in offering the food.I feel a particular sense of bonding when I prepare a good soup. I feel connected to my Chilean and Andean roots that centers on a hearty meal in a potcazueala (Chilean word meaning pot and also soup itself ) and I pleasantly r…

THE GIFT OF MOVEMENT; nature's feel-good genetic blueprint

THE GIFT OF MOVEMENT: it’s in our genetic blueprint
 It is vital to message ourselves daily on the importance of movement. Physical activity empowers as much as any pharmaceutical agent. Whether you pump iron, walk your dog around the block, climb a flight of stairs, move in a wheelchair, all movement improves happiness and wellness. With movement, the body utilizes natural body mechanisms: increased circulation of cardiovascular system, strengthening of muscles, stimulation of the lymph nodes. The result of movement is the reward of calmness: the delicious experience of a state of relaxation and a flooding of feel-good, endorphins.
 Muscles contract with movements as they pump vital fluids throughout our body resulting in an improved immune system essential to withstand the many marauding invaders out there who threaten our health i.e. viruses, cancer, heart diseases. When we release endorphins, we induce natural morphine feelings that inhibit pain through hormone release and neu…

Welcome to On The Training Table!

The compelling force behind developing a “Training Table Lifestyle” or best practices for healthy habits, is directly connected to my family’s Cancer Story. Out of the four women in my immediate family, I was the only one who made it to 50; an experience that would shape my health and wellness journey and spur my passion to help others to do the same.