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Note from Claudia

 Rules I live by: a blog and manual to help transform your body What’s on your Training Table? Do you even have one? Note from Claudia : A slender or trim and fit self is elusive to many but my blog, or consider it a maintenance manual, reveals all my tricks and knowledge I’ve learned from health professionals and top fitness trainers. When all is said and done, after you read  and fully comprehend all the food journey we’ve been on and where we want to be, so much will seem simplistic and back to the basics. My grandmother would have called this book THE NO-DUH! Diet. The rules and health laws are simple, but following through on the principles is indeed a most challenging task. But our well- being will only be as good as our will power to follow through on these healthy living practices.   Scientia Potentia Est: Knowledge is power   This blog will gather research, assimilate and condense information that I have lived by this past decade. It is meant to help others create th

The Training Table: tenets of a healthier, fit you

First rules on The Training Table: One has to start somewhere so let’s start with the major tenets of the way to a healthier more fit you. How do I determine what goes on my Training Table ? Whole foods will construct a youthful you whereas processed foods will build an aging you. If the next few steps are followed all begins to fall into place.

You Choose The Car You Drive

Which Car Would You Rather Drive? Imagine two cars; one is a clunky, beat up jalopy with gunked-up engine parts whose engine splutters due to bad gasoline and lack of maintenance. It is undependable and will inevitably leave you stranded. The other: a sleek, enviable Ferrari, with an engine that purrs and drives you through life dependably . Which would you rather drive?  While this may seem like a stupid question, we all want a dependable, sleek car over that clunker that keeps breaking down. Hey, most of us would settle for a dependable, upgraded, mid-size sedan over that rattletrap!

Throw Out the Word "Diet"

The Word “diet” is Outdated This diet notion that I grew up with in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, has been thrown out by many experts. Back then we had lists of foods to be eaten in a certain period of time and we concentrated on weight loss. The approach was one dimensional:  eat these foods, target this weight loss, and get into this clothing size. And then what?

Mind Reboot

MIND REBOOT: GETTING STARTED Chunk it down to small steps (Action Steps) First, you must believe that every moment of every day counts, especially the “now” moment. I feel strongly that if we can incorporate even one new  wellness change a week (action steps) and build on each new change: little by little, ineffective or lazy routines are replaced and healthy results begin to add up to better overall wellness, which in the long-run, amounts to a more youthful and healthier outcome. That’s what I did. There is no such thing as insignificant changes, every little step forward brings you to an improved ---You.

The Training Table Concept

Did this food make it to the Training Table? Adapting the mindset of a “Training Table” in your life is critical to a successful wellness transformation. When athletes are under a training regimen they sit together and eat meals planned to condition them for a specific sport.   Athletic training tables are designed specifically for the sport or athletic event one trains for. I will detail my own personal Training Table and readers; you can individualize yours as you decide how far you would like to take your transformation.

Understanding Youthfulness and Vanity

UNDERSTANDING “YOUTHFULNESS” AND “VANITY” A “Youthful body” is an outcome of wellness. To get there is a comprehensive process that includes the obvious such as food intake and exercise, but it’s important that we look at the other elements usually overlooked in health books. Acting on the process will successfully bring us closer to that body ideal.  I always like to remember that working out to look great is, well, admittedly vanity; yes I like to put on my skinny jeans. Yes, I take pride in looking good, but vanity is after all, nature’s trick to help us stay on the healthy path.