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When You Feel Achy, Stiff; avoid these 6 Foods

The Training Table is all about anti-aging, and I cannot think of anything that characterizes aging more than achy, swollen joints, and stiff painful muscles. It should not be hard to get up from a comfortable sitting position, and stiffness after getting up from bed should dissolve within an hour. If you are finding that you remain achy or stiff after that hour has passed, you will find the following information meaningful.

Creating Will-Power 10 steps

We have already seen that many of our eating habits are controlled by the very foods we eat. If we ingest sugars, coloring, preservatives, fats, sugars, our crave cycle overrides our willpower. In other words I am in control only so much but get some of those obesogens and fats and flavors and MSG and any other compound you can name into my mouth; the glycemic index  spikes sky high, my neurons twitch wildly, and my will power goes to hell in a hand basket. Where is self control then?  I’ve set myself up and I might as well be snorting crack  Let’s sort out what we have already discussed and build a plan