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Recipes: Egg- Quinoa Scramble , Fried Egg and Spinach/ Eggs and their Bioactive Compounds

  Eggs, are they good for you or bad for you? Based on reading scholastic publications (shared in this entry), not to mention following my own bloodwork charts (by Dr . Moi!) , I land firmly in the camp of: eggs are a beautiful and surprisingly wonderous food. The fried egg, one of my favorite quick protein fixes  I incorporate eggs into my Training Table menu. This would be assuming one does not have allergenic responses to eggs, which of course would be grounds for skipping today’s blog entry. Eggs have been and perhaps continue to remain a controversial topic, so checking in with your doctor on how eggs might affect your particular set of health conditions is wise, and of course, if you opt for a diet that excludes eggs, the recipes may not interest you, nonetheless, the information is fascinating. Research points to eggs containing bioactive compounds that correlate to disease prevention and suggests that there is little, if eaten at a moderate amount, correspondence to eggs im