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SCQ: A self-contemplative New Year's questionnaire for 2022

Claudia  Loewenstein 2022 THE TRAINING TABLE Looking forward and looking back. A self-contemplative questionnaire (SCQ) for the year 2022 Happy New Year! A New Year 2022; a symbolic calendar event that allows a pause for reflection. Where were we at this time last year? Have I grown? Can I improve? The New year provides a  perfect time to look inward and take inventory using actionable questio ns:  ·           Am I laughing enough? ·        Am I appreciating my health? ·        Do I value the roof over my head? ·        Am I valuing time with friends? ·        Have I prized my moments with my family? ·        Have I prevailed over any obstacles and difficulties this year? ·        Have I been kind this year? ·        Have I treated people with dignity? The New calendar year provides the opportunity to take a pause, for taking the moment to being present in my life. Reflecting  on open ended questions such as those I set for my year 2022  Self Contemplative Questi