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  Isometrics and calisthenics: Take a look back at vintage exercises (  decidedly un-  CHEUGY !)   Today’s blog entry takes a look at XBX AND 5BX vintage work out routines that incorporate isometrics and calisthenics.   Isometrics is a foundational principle for staying fit or becoming more able-bodied. In this day the term is somewhat overlooked and therefore isometric basics are often omitted in today’s work- out routines. Back in the day, isometrics took center stage and I’d like to take a look at both isometrics and calisthenics and understand the physics of both types of training activities. They are invaluable and target different aspects of body conditioning. Isometrics are integral to the “anti-aging” process and a brilliant exercise system that the Training Table relies on. The Training Table values old school training The combination of the two systems, isometrics with calisthenics are powerful; by adding 3