Creating Will-Power 10 steps

We have already seen that many of our eating habits are controlled by the very foods we eat. If we ingest sugars, coloring, preservatives, fats, sugars, our crave cycle overrides our willpower. In other words I am in control only so much but get some of those obesogens and fats and flavors and MSG and any other compound you can name into my mouth; the glycemic index  spikes sky high, my neurons twitch wildly, and my will power goes to hell in a hand basket. Where is self control then?  I’ve set myself up and I might as well be snorting crack Let’s sort out what we have already discussed and build a plan

You already have will-power:

Are you someone who has been able to save money and create a budget that keeps you and loved ones dressed, fed, and sheltered? Do you wake up every day and go to work even though you don’t want to? Do you go to the proctologist? The gynecologist? The dentist?
If you are doing these things you are overcoming reluctance to do tasks. You are overcoming an inner resistance for completing unpleasant and even painful tasks. And most importantly you are showing the ability to defer reward Why do we do these doctor visits? Because we know it’s a matter of life and death, survival and responsibility. You know that the pain at the dentist today will keep your tooth from rotting and falling out next month.
So the first thing that has to happen today is to buy into knowing that the result of not making the changes makes you unhappy and lessens the quality of life. The flip side of course, realizing that you will become peppier, happier, healthier, more attractive.

We all know what this is called, it’s called an attitude change and we know the popular refrain,"To make changes you have to make some changes."

Outwitting temptations, Let’s do this !        10 ACTION STEPS

1.       Make short accomplishable goals
It is well documented that the way to success is by the completion of small steps. The blog has many action steps that I personally use, and you can adapt and add to these mini-goals as you see fit. Just keep making those action steps and remember incremental steps add up quickly.
2.      Visualization:
This is a technique used by so many people in all fields; athletics, business world, spiritual world. I outlined a few of the visualizations that I use to kick in the internal visceral cues such as seeing that Willy-Wonka factory the next time you reach for cereal. Connecting bad food with bad things is a good thing!

3.      Envision
Look through the"looking glass" and really truly see the you that you want to be. I outlined the way I did this earlier in the manual. Even if this seems just weird to do, perhaps with the attitude adjustment you might suspend your beliefs and accept that envisioning and visualization does impact your outcome. The brain is a powerful computer and I am convinced that there is a mind-body connection.

4.      Acquire Knowledge
“Scientia potentia est" Knowledge is power. Use the information in the blog and read up on health and diet. Read the information frequently to remind yourself why it is---- you can’t have that cupcake today? When we acquire information we educate ourselves on something new and helpful. Take the step and use the knowledge to improve your life.
5.      Training Table: give it a name!
There is power in giving something a name; give it a label: this identifies and creates a new concept in your life. For example call your TT by your own name Claudia's Training Table. Give The Training Table a new space in your life and routine. Write out a Training Table menu. I would write it out in great fonts and add pictures.  You can use the one that I describe or adapt it to your goals for yourself. I advise only to use the things you should use and not mention the forbidden items.
6.      Affirmations and positive messages:
If you were raised in the 60s and 70s and lived through the beginning of the affirmation craze this might not work for you. After Saturday Night Live did a weekly riff : Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley ---many of us just can’t help ourselves for making fun at ourselves.

But Seriously, the idea of writing as was suggested earlier WITH  I AM GOING TO TRANSFORM MY BODY. Or even putting a picture of a clunker and next to that, a picture of your favorite sleek and slinky car on the refrigerator. Visual affirmations work for many people, there is an industry to prove this. Writing out “I can do this” “I’ve got this!” “ I am going to transform!” are all things that may help you strengthen inner will.

7.      Leverage your social network:
Team with friends and use your social media connections to help you stay on the path. Group support and a “buddy” help with accountability. If I know I will touch base with my support partner to discuss the week’s Training Table I am more inclined to meet the goal. The “Way-to go!” reinforcement is very powerful. Support enhances self-esteem, encouragement, and most importantly- self-control! If you are inspired by someone else’s habits, talk to them. Their tips and words of encouragement will motivate you. If they can do it, so can you! For me personally, leveraging my acquaintances is extremely powerful.
8.      Temptation zone have a plan
Identify your “temptation time “ and plan for it. I know after dinner when I am relaxing and watching television, is my weakest moment. Research shows we succumb to temptations at our times of fatigue.  I could have had a perfect On the Training Table day, but I can destroy that day’s gains on wellness in a sudden swoop of loss of control during my temptation zone. I discovered for me; eating frozen cherries (semi frozen) or fresh berries, gives me the satisfaction I crave. It’s a little like snacking; berries eaten one at a time have the soothing effect of ice cream with the frozen sensation. Just have some healthy,whole food ingredient ready,  and get in the habit of using the item during that temptation time.
9.      Identify Your emotional eating triggers
If you have a sudden onset of eating, or run to the cupboard and soothe yourself with chips, this is likely what some would call “emotional eating.” I am way too familiar with this and I have modulated and kept myself from triggering by stating out loud, “You are feeling alone this evening, do you really want to set the food cycle off? Stating the emotional trigger aloud is highly effective; consciously discover and state your food- crave emotions.
10.  The three “Rs”
Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The definition of “habit” is “things done often”. A habit is a pattern of action and the only way a habit can be developed is by doing all the tasks over and over again. Reread these ten tips and do this over and over. For overcoming harmful impulses, there is no such thing as too much reinforcement.

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