4 Reasons You Should Drink Water

Most of us know that water is important, but keeping hydrated can have a massive impact on overall health and anti-aging. Water is needed by all our major organs and systems to function properly. Water protects the spinal chord, lubricates our joints, regulates body temperature, allows our digestive track to work effectively and efficiently, and is a vehicle for delivering essential nutrients to our cells. Water is considered by many heart specialist to be one of the most overlooked tools against heart disease.

Here are four high-priority reasons why we should pay attention to adding water to our wellness/anti-aging  regimens:

1) If you are feeling languid and inexplicably exhausted, try hydrating. The lack of water, or dehydration can influence cognition, alertness, and short-term memory in children, adults, and the elderly. Water acts as a natural body solvent: Your hemoglobin, proteins, and other molecules use the water that you give your body, to dissolve substances. The water then transports the dissolved substances around your body. The water’s transport properties enable the transfer of nutrients, oxygen, waste products etc. from one cell to another. You stay healthier and more energetic when you hydrate.

2) Muscle fatigue:  Water helps enrgize muscles and addresses depression-like symptoms :.
Cells that don't maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes shrivel, which can result in muscle fatigue. When muscle cells don't have adequate fluids, they don't work as well and performance can suffer. In fact, often times, apparent depression symptoms and fatigue caused by the fluids imbalance, can often be in fact caused by dehydration and therefor relieved through hydration.

3) Limber muscle joints: 
Water lubricates your joints, preventing them from getting taut and stiff -- permitting smooth movement between your bones. While water alone may not cure joint pain, hydrating frequently addresses underlying problems that eventually cause the joint pain.

4) Over-eater buster
Water and water-laden foods such as fruits, beans, and vegetables; curb the appetite. When we crave food it is often misleading; the body is actually thirsty. My own personal hunger-buster is to eat lots of vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, red pepper along with some fruit, (caution, too much fruit will  add more sugar and carbs than you might need.

Action Step:

·        Substitute water for your soft drinks. If you are a soda drinker, or love fruit juices, this action step will bring fast changes.

·         Reacquaint your body with pure water; I like to add lime or lemon to my water. sometimes I use herb teas such as mint and hibiscus, and drink this cold. 
  • Remind yourself, soft drinks are laced with some of the worst obesogens. As other Training table entries have discussed: withing 20 short minutes of consuming soft drinks, our blood sugar level spikes and this causes our distressed liver to respond by converting sugar into fat storage which causes a lot of havoc.

 I like to add lime or lemon to my water. Sometimes I use herb teas such as hibiscus and mint tea and drink that cold.

·         Keep a fresh glass or bottle of water accessible and highly visible while: at a desk, watching television, working out. Remember to drink it. (I often forget).

On the other hand, it is important to note that overdoing the water can spur on hazardous conditions, even death. Conditions such as water intoxication and hyponatremia (low sodium levels). This is a danger for athletes; Exercise-Associated Hypontremia (EAH) is a condition where the kidneys are overwhelmed by the large quantity of liquid it must suddenly process.

Just as we should frequently change the oil for our car engine's over-all high-performance and maintenance, if you make a point to keep hydrated, you will allow your body to work at a far more "peak performance" level. So drink fairly often, especially when you are thirsty, but don't overdo it. 


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