Obesogens; compounds that reprogram your body

Have you felt that you are gaining weight that is  not in proportion to what you may be eating? Then you will want to learn about obesogens, Obesogens are common compounds and substances that we come into contact with and consume each and every day. They are capable of reprogramming or redesigning the amount of fat cells our bodies were intended to have. 
Obesogens trigger hormonal unbalance and confuse hormonal mechanisms in our body, and are causing us to become fatter and fatter and ---absolutely--lead us to become unwell and sick. What is both scary and frustrating to note is that the  weight gain is not proportional to the intake of calories, rather, scientist are linking weight gain with these specific chemical compounds labeled-- obesogens.

For example: if both you and another person  are both consuming 1,000 calories, you might stay trim but the other can gain weight and become pre-diabetic. Why? Hint: it is not, because of natural metabolism rate.

Because one of you  ate 1,000 calories that had no obesogen compounds and the other ate 1,000 calories with metabolic disrupting obesogens.

Where do you find obesogens? They can be found in environmental non-consumable products such as:
           linings of plastic
           air fresheners
           water faucets due to leaking pesticides
           plastic shower curtains

    What food might you find containing obesogens? HERE ARE MY TOP 3 PICKS that can change your metabolic set-point (your tendency to maintain a particular weight range.)

1. MSG ---it is considered an obsogen and we already took a look at their presence in a huge per cent of the foods we eat.

2. Corn syrup

3 High fructose

    These three items – unfortunately-- are in so many things we eat on a daily basis. If you will avoid these three obesogens,  you will take a giant step towards anti-aging. Just read your labels, there are many healthier brands to choose from that do not contain those three compounds.

high fructose list by brands: This list is updated periodically so the brand names might change as the companies reformulate their products in response to the consumers, such as yourself, who are becoming more informed and choose to avoid these obesity-inducing foods and products. 

This is a good sample of high fructose (obesogens) provided by the healthy watchdog group Celestial Healing,

  • ·         many breakfast cereals
  • ·         breads (sliced, English muffins etc)
  • ·         candy bars
  • ·         pastries
  • ·         ketchup
  • ·         mayonnaise,
  • ·         cookies
  • ·         crackers
  • ·         cough medicine
  • ·         dairy products such as popular flavored yogurts, whipped creams
  • ·         many drink mixes such as Margaritas
  • ·         ice creams
  • ·         syrups
  • ·         jams and jellies
  • ·         sauces
  • ·         dressings
  • ·         soups
  • ·         popular beverages   
  •         pretzels

Bruce Blumberg, a biology professor at the University of California, Irvine, coined the term “obesogen” in 2006 when he discovered that tin-based compounds known as organotins predisposed laboratory mice to gain a significant amount of weight. The upshot of his research is that the chemical compounds disrupt and mimic estrogen, which causes lower testosterone. The result of the hormonal confusion is that bottom line, the chemicals lessensour ability to burn of the fat.

Once I started reading and becoming informed about the research, so many things began to make sense to me. When I eat these synthetic products infused with obesogens, a serious chain of events takes place because of ingesting obesogens.

 According to Blumberg's research and many scientific findings, these Obesogens literally reprogram cells to become fat cells.  No wonder that after my binges (which formerly used to be more numerous), resulted in weight that  was extremely stubborn, especially that weight around the stomach which is where a lot of our accumulation shows up.

How obesogens promote weight gain

The cycle occurring during my binge-fest: first, obesogens affect the development of fat in the body. The obesogens then affect the endocrine system and hormones. Which in turn renders an absolutely scary result: obesogens can make more stem cells develop into fat cells. 

Obesogens reprogram your stem cells

What this means, for example, if you were to have these stem cells that normally make bone, now because of consuming obesogen foods, instead; more of your cells will make fat cells rather than bone. This is the reprogramming which is mind-boggling when you read the research. The more fat cells you accumulate, the more your weight goes upwards. And we all know that can happen in a hury as we get into our 40s and  beyond.

I will certainly be including more entries on this topic as this isn't even the tip of the iceberg. The obsogens also cause liver to become insulin resistant. This phenomenon is the last thing I want happening to my body. And yet, obesogens are extremely difficult to avoid. 

Fat storage unit
I look at it like this, every time I put a junk product into my mouth, I am creating more fat storage cells all over my body, much more than nature intended for me to have when I was born. 

Remember from past blog entries, that these compounds found in fructose, MSG, corn syrup--confuse your leptin, which sets the hunger cycle in motion.  You go on that crave-eat-turn-to-to fat, merry-go-round. This obesogen cycle, as you probably can already guess, only snowballs as you age.

It's totally not about calories
To recap: be aware of the concept of obesogens. When you eat those foods, and there are many more than I listed, you are dealing with a lot more complex issues than calories. In fact calories are the least of your worries, and you should comprehend that the obesosgnes are altering your chemistry.

Action Step:
Whenever you are about to consume these ubiquitous industrial compounds you should at least keep in mind and say out loud, “Do I really want to trip up my metabolic set-points this evening? Do I want to chemically induced weight gain today?

Even if you do choose the foods at least you aren’t fooling yourself and hopefully the more you state and restate the effects of the foods in your life, you will make positive gains on ridding yourself of a substantial number of these items from your life. Honestly, I would reach for eliminating most of that list but I can't fully do that, at least not yet.

Action Step: Read your labels

You can have many of the foods on that list without the obesogens or at least fewer fat-inducing chemical compounds. chips without trans fats, never eat margarine- eat butter instead, trade out junk cookies for good cookies. Get rid of as much of those hormonal-disruptors out of your blood stream as you possibly can.

You have to commit yourself to your own medical triage: sort out the specific brands that do not contain high fructose (now on labels) and ignore all the lies and misdirection that marketing rains down constantly. 

Remain cautious in restaurants; order all sauces and dressings on the side to reduce the obesogen compounds intake.

Unfortunately, as many can attest, eating the obesogens and repeating the insulin-resistant process builds up quickly, especially as we age; so many of us get startled when suddenly, we step on the scale and it seems like our weight gain happened overnight.

Back to the vehicle you will be driving: the less obesogens the sleeker your ride. You do not need to be driving that gunky clunker.

Once again, the base-line reminder: if you look over that common food list put them to The Training Table test: Which of those foods are single ingredient or whole? The obvious answer is none of the foods with single ingredients will contain obesogens.  

Obesogens promote aging; therefore avoiding them will promote the anti-aging factor that you may be looking for.


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