Degunk your Engine; 3 Easy- Delicious replacements

3 Repalcements

Do you or family members use sandwiches as a lunch or snack staple? If the answer is yes, then today's entry will be of crucial value. Do you think about the nutritious option of sprouted grains and legumes in your sandwich bread? This entry is dedicated to making a healthier daily lunch and contains 3 of the primary lunch food replacements that have made a big difference in my health and ultimately in my weight. 

I am hoping you have taken good inventory of your refrigerator shelves and cupboards. You are transforming your body with every whole food substitution you make. I keep in mind always for every refined food that I replace with a healthier option, that I am “de-gunking”my engine.  

I.  Lessen or eliminate cold cuts; they are among the most processed foods you might buy.

 Instead: buy one whole roasted chicken every week. 

I used to buy turkey, chicken, ham cold-cuts (antibiotics free) for my sandwiches. I figured, low fat, free of hormones, this must be great. However they are full of sodium, even if you buy the healthier varieties. Generally lunch-meats are replete with additives and fillers such as sugars, water, nitrates, etc. that cause you to gain weight.

I substituted these cold cuts. I buy a whole, roasted chicken (It should be without hormones and additives) and use this as my deli –meat throughout the week. We traditionally do  this for our post- Thanksgiving  sandwiches and it's a great improvement in your diet if you do this all year long.  I just pull the meat ( shred)  or  slice the chicken breast meat add a little salt (cold-cuts contain an overabundance of salt to stay fresh) and pepper.

 Put the shredded chicken in a sprouted grains roll-up with:

  •  avocado
  •  tomatoes
  •  spinach/lettuce
  •  slice of cheese 
  • kale

As an example, ( I vary the ingredients) and it’s absolutely Delicious. Take the cheese, chicken and sprouted tortilla and heat in microwave for 25 seconds to make it melted and delicious, then I add the vegetables.

You can also do this with:

  •  home-made meatloaf made of your whole-ingredient choices
  •  roast-beef
  • roast turkey breast. 
  • pot roast

Your sandwiches will taste like a gourmet deli sandwich, because of the whole ingredients.

II.               Get rid of mayonnaise:

instead:  Mashed avocado and a little salt with your sandwich.

Mayonaise is  full of sodium, additives, sugars, and extra calories. 1Tbsp of mayo is about 100 calories whereas swapping out avocado TBSP is about 50 calories, thus I  reduces the calories by half.

 Also, the empty carbs in mayo are replaced with the avocado’s very healthy and useful nutrients to build up your body; a dose of healthy mono-saturated fat, vitamin C, folate and so much more. I sometimes drizzle a little olive oil, or add fresh herbs such as basil to the avocado mash.

III.                Get rid of typical wheat bread

Instead: substitute whole wheat bread which is manufactured, for sprouted grain tortillas - Ezekiel-type sprouted grains tortilla/ which contain sprouted grains  and legumes such as:

  • wheat
  • millet
  • spelt
  • soybeans
  • lentils

  • I no longer use regular bread (whole grains or otherwise) unless it’s for a special occasion or a bad-girl binge. The typical whole wheat bread is processed and refined a lot more than the sprouted Ezekiel.

  • With regular bread whole or white,  foods will break down faster and produce the fast burning carbs instead of the slow burners. This translates into additional weight gain plus a push on the crave-binge cycle button. 

  • After regular bread, I want more whereas after the Ezekeil germ sprouted breads, I am more satisfied. Yes, there are more calories in Ezekiel, and this is a great example of how calories are irrelevant, as the slower break-down eclipses the calorie count.

Sprouted versus refined grains

I will give you a personal account here, because the research is unclear, depending on what you read. I will say, based on my body and how I've responded and felt, for me, sprouted is far and away, better. than regular refined bread. Later I will devote greater details for this very important alternative.

Essentially, sprouting refers to the phase of the plant right before full development where the "young" "awakening"shoots can be seen poking out of the seed. During this time of growth, starchy portions of the grain are being digested which results in less starch than regular grains and by de facto, you consume less excess starch.

 Also the nutritional content is considered by many to be more potent. Research points to the strong possibility that consuming grains and legumes in this sprouting stage allows us to absorb minerals such as iron an zinc. This greater absorption stage is also called "bioavailability."

The properties of sprouted foods and are in my humble opinion, a very important piece of the ( jalopy to sleek Ferrari) transformation that I aspire to, and I consider it well worth one's while to learn more about sprouted legumes and grains,

Note: you will find Ezekiel products in the freezer or refrigerated sections of your healthier grocery, (because it's a whole food it will not stay on the shelf for a week without refrigeration). I know initially I never even saw the variety of Ezekeil products because they are frequently hidden from view in freezer sections. If you cannot find it, ask someone to help you, it is often times, that obscure.

*My personal favorite binge replacement: this really works for me

I use a cinnamon- raisin Ezekiel English Muffin with almond butter and honey and or jam.
 I keep them in my freezer.  I microwave for 40 seconds and toast the muffin. I spread the muffins with raw almond butter and add a little honey or jam. I am not saying that one should do this every night, it is highly caloric, but it's so dense and delicious, I can ward off one of my famous binge cycles by eating this comfort food.

Never have to sacrifice taste over nutrients on The Training Table

I am hoping you are taking inventory of your refrigerator shelves and cupboards. By using the three substitutes in this entry: lunch-meats, mayonnaise and bread; it will be an important part of the nutritional foundation you are creating in your life. I also need to add that using sprouted grain tortillas and bread and using avocado to replace mayo and getting rid of factory process cold-cuts, will make your lunches and snacks taste absolutely delicious and satisfying. You will actually replace blah-- for delicious. No sacrifices on taste; merely additional nutrition and deeper food satiation.



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