I am still in the first few weeks of retirement. I feel a sense of liberating joy starting to flow through me in waves as I take in and begin to grasp what it means to retire and no longer follow protocols and regulations associated with my workplace. 

I had an epiphany this morning as I was listening to music and taking my walk. It is during these walks when the flashes of insight seem to be taking place.

It’s starting to feel like I’m turning 21, like the whole world is before me again. Granted, realistically there remain only about ten high quality years, but that seems like a long exciting spell of time to feel this way.  I’m lucky to be healthy and have that decade to look forward to and who knows, I could possibly have more than the decade. 

However, at age 65, as more and more family members and friends continue to pass on, I no longer count on that; too many unlikely close people have begun falling. Most of us in our 60s and over category, know that we no longer have that illusory infinite feeling any more, but there is time to experience what we have in meaningful awe.

Hey younger people don’t drop this blog quite yet

I’m speaking to you especially.

This anti-ager blog information and content will hopefully reach some of you so that you can begin to prepare for this phase in life. I have the realization that this might be one of the most important phases in my life journey. I can sense that by what I’m being drawn to in these first few weeks of retirement. For example, music lyrics and playlist choices are taking on deeper meaning, documentaries I am drawn to view, deal with a universal consciousness, and I am choosing less escapist fiction than I used to.

A time to understand the meaning of over half a century is about to unfold as I begin a reshuffle of priorities and responsibilities.

A common list of stages in life might include:

  • Infancy
  • Toddler
  • Childhood
  • Puberty/adolescence
  • Middle age
  • Senior years (divided into two categories- youthful senior and aging senior
  • Death

For those people who read wellness and anti-aging blogs, no matter where you currently are in your life phase, you are likely aware that the idea behind these dedicated blogs and bloggers, is to share how to live a quality, conscientious life with as much youth and vigor as your body permits.

What is certain is that by developing your personal Training Table and adhering to it you will increase your chances of attaining that fun and meaningful “youthful senior” phase in life.
As I continue advancing the blog, I will explore all the little pieces that collectively are parts of the Training Table. It’s scientific, philosophical, collective consciousness, and old-fashioned wisdom that make up the components.

I’m not a particularly joyous person, (I've been called the cheerful pessimist by many) but I’m getting flashes of that liberating feel, sweep through me.  I am in fact,  experiencing waves of joy.  I am eager to shape these years in the most aware and awake phase of my life.

Movement will be a paramount strategy for this fun phase in my life.
Physical fitness is our fountain of youth and helps us avoid a life with  unnecessary disabilities.