SCQ: A self-contemplative New Year's questionnaire for 2022

Claudia  Loewenstein 2022 THE TRAINING TABLE

Looking forward and looking back. A self-contemplative questionnaire (SCQ) for the year 2022

Happy New Year! A New Year 2022; a symbolic calendar event that allows a pause for reflection. Where were we at this time last year? Have I grown? Can I improve?

The New year provides a  perfect time to look inward and take inventory using actionable questions: 

·         Am I laughing enough?
·       Am I appreciating my health?
·       Do I value the roof over my head?
·       Am I valuing time with friends?
·       Have I prized my moments with my family?
·       Have I prevailed over any obstacles and difficulties this year?
·       Have I been kind this year?
·       Have I treated people with dignity?

The New calendar year provides the opportunity to take a pause, for taking the moment to being present in my life. Reflecting  on open ended questions such as those I set for my year 2022 Self Contemplative Questionnaire, (SCQ) can serve as a catalyst for change, promote positive adjustments, and a good direction in one’s life.

A self-contemplative questionnaire should offer encouragement to uncover what ways you have grown. It should challenge you with new areas for development and keeps one on track as a responsible and evolved human being.

Try using some, or adopt all of the 8-point self- inventory questions  I created for 2022.


How To Approach the SCQ (Self-Contemplative Questionnaire/questions)

  • Reflect
  • Identify
  • Acknowledge
  • Analyze (why)


  1. Reflect on if you are laughing at all…maybe it’s “yes”.
  2. Identify the moments that bring laughter and bring humor into your life
  3. Acknowledge this. Why? Because laughter is positive and you have positive moments in your life
  4. Assess: Can you do more of what it is that is making you laugh?

Why is it important to laugh? At very least, laughter reduces stress, uplifts one’s mood, can bring a sense of connectivity,…or any number positive things

Creating a set of SCQ (self-contemplative questionnaire) and going through the “contemplative process” of responding to your questioning approach, will lend itself to understanding yourself.

 The SCQ process lends itself to a more evolved self, a more aware self, a conscious self.

The SCQ is a formidable tool for THE TRAINING TABLE: the introspection/self-contemplation pause is always is worth one’s while. I love creating my SCQ questions as much as I do answering them; both parts of the process are beneficial.

 I coined the term a while back. Looking inward as a regular habit keeps one on a positive course and is an integral part of staying true to the Training Table principles. 











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