About On The Training Table: an anti-aging agent explores

Along with a riptide of Baby-Boomers, I am here-- now in my later 60s.  I’ve been devoting this past decade to the age-defying and regenerative process, and as a result created  “On The Training Table.” As an anti-aging agent, I invite you to explore my research based website that gathers ideas from many sources on how to protect your health and lessen the effects of aging . I call this a Training Table mind-set and it integrates the mental and physical and also the role of  spiritual well-being. The good news:  It's never too late to start and I guarantee, it is never too early to begin this wellness journey.

Topics include:

  • Mind-reboot techniques to start and stick to a healthy eating plan and a wellness path forward
  • Foods to eat, what not to eat (you will be surprised)
  • Foods that strengthen immune and nervous system
  • What foods support and increase rate of metabolism
  • Surprising facts about how we age ourselves 
  • What drives us to “binge” and how to stop
  • How to reverse damage we’ve caused
  • philosophical approaches to wellness; develop and nurture an ever- evolving healthy life
  • food preparation tips
  • Capsule Pantry: building an intentional pantry

The blog shares knowledge gathered and intuitive paths followed to allow me to have a fit body. I am 67  in the picture below- (STANDING TREE POSE) It is a pandemic- yoga moment, six months in, and hence sans hair salon-color au natural- DIY cuts  (admittedly to my chagrin) compared to pre-pandemic pics.

One thing is sure; you do not have to age as rapidly as the majority of the people you see around you. It takes information and motivation. I hope On The Training Table provides some keys to help others move forward. I would further add, I am always interested in hearing other people's  journeys, thoughts, and questions on health and well being.  I look forward to reading shared comments. See you at The Training Table!