Understanding Youthfulness and Vanity

A “Youthful body” is an outcome of wellness. To get there is a comprehensive process that includes the obvious such as food intake and exercise, but it’s important that we look at the other elements usually overlooked in health books. Acting on the process will successfully bring us closer to that body ideal.  I always like to remember that working out to look great is, well, admittedly vanity; yes I like to put on my skinny jeans. Yes, I take pride in looking good, but vanity is after all, nature’s trick to help us stay on the healthy path.
Attaining youthfulness is a step by step process. If your parents sat you down for a serious talk at Kindergarten age and said, “Ok Mary, Johnny, here’s your life-plan: and they plotted out sequentially step by step the arc of experiences and tasks to be mastered by age 18 you’d look at your parents wide-eyed and bawl; “What do you mean pass my driver’s g test? I can’t even write the full alphabet yet!” It would obviously be daunting; yet step by step we all get there.
In this same way, wherever you are now in your health and weight, you can’t expect to tackle everything at once, but if you know that it’s a complex process that we can manage in small increments and look at the complex process of change more through the eyes of a Kindergartner rather than the adult, I believe this will help. And the good news is, it’s not a 16 year process, a lot can happen quickly when you fully comprehend what is at stake and what there is to gain.

Keep in mind that Youthfulness means regaining the vitality and the freshness and peppiness characteristic of a young person. Youthfulness is the opposite of “oldness.” We do most certainly have some control in cultivating our “friskiness” and our more attractive selves. It is never too late, and it is certainly never too early to get started.


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