Note from Claudia

 Rules I live by: a blog and manual to help transform your body

What’s on your Training Table? Do you even have one?
Note from Claudia : A slender or trim and fit self is elusive to many but my blog, or consider it a maintenance manual, reveals all my tricks and knowledge I’ve learned from health professionals and top fitness trainers. When all is said and done, after you read  and fully comprehend all the food journey we’ve been on and where we want to be, so much will seem simplistic and back to the basics. My grandmother would have called this book THE NO-DUH! Diet. The rules and health laws are simple, but following through on the principles is indeed a most challenging task. But our well- being will only be as good as our will power to follow through on these healthy living practices.
 Scientia Potentia Est: Knowledge is power 
 This blog will gather research, assimilate and condense information that I have lived by this past decade. It is meant to help others create their  own Training Table based on the facts and information that will continue to unfold in this blog.

Keep in mind; these are rules of thumbs and guideline; this blog/manual is highly adaptable to fit into your personal goals and lifestyle. And I hope it will serve as a good resource for those who want to have great quality of life. 

 The more small Action Steps you follow-through with, the closer you will come to your healthier and livelier self.


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  2. No I really don't have training table nor have any information regarding it.Please elaborate more about it so that It could be helpful for your readers.

  3. Its such a informative article.I didnt know about this training table thing before.Thanks for bringing it to my knowledge.I am grateful to you.

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