The Training Table Concept

Did this food make it to the Training Table?

Adapting the mindset of a “Training Table” in your life is critical to a successful wellness transformation. When athletes are under a training regimen they sit together and eat meals planned to condition them for a specific sport. 

 Athletic training tables are designed specifically for the sport or athletic event one trains for. I will detail my own personal Training Table and readers; you can individualize yours as you decide how far you would like to take your transformation.
It’s important to note I do not eat at the Training Table 100% of the time; however, I do stay at The Table for a good 80-85% of the time and this enables me the luxury of some off-Table activities; my healthy foundation can override some of the destruction and tear down caused by unworthy foods. The Training Table approach will be of value as you continue the path of health and transformation

.As you read through the blog/manual you will mentally note as you go through your day: hey, does this food makes it to the Training Table? Then you have to note one of two answers: NOPE! rejected!-“Not on the Training Table” or Yes! it's on the Training table! go for it!

You are in fact always training for a race event. The race is your life trajectory, and there is an athlete's approach that can help you score those points, ( yeah! my blood pressure is down) deny your opponents a point (Yeah! my insulin levels are stable-no more pre-diabetes!) take home the trophy (Yeah! my weight is down and I look awesome in my new jeans!)


  1. Great Analogies!!! Your common sense approach are key teaching components of every athletic coach. And every coach knows the power of good nutrition with their athletes. Thank you for reminding me these great principles. Awesome website!!! I look forward to reading more.

  2. I dint have the clear concept of training table before,thanks for letting me know about this in detail. I always follow your blogs because everytime I learn something new from you.

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