You Choose The Car You Drive

Which Car Would You Rather Drive?
Imagine two cars; one is a clunky, beat up jalopy with gunked-up engine parts whose engine splutters due to bad gasoline and lack of maintenance. It is undependable and will inevitably leave you stranded.
The other: a sleek, enviable Ferrari, with an engine that purrs and drives you through life dependably.
Which would you rather drive? 
While this may seem like a stupid question, we all want a dependable, sleek car over that clunker that keeps breaking down. Hey, most of us would settle for a dependable, upgraded, mid-size sedan over that rattletrap!

Food is fuel and exercise is the mechanical maintenance
Rethink the concept of food. Yes, it’s delicious and yes food can be used as a form of entertainment and comfort. It serves as more than mere nourishment; I agree fully. However food should be used for soothing, distraction, and celebration- only occasionally, or less frequently.
What‘s gone wrong for many of us is that our current culture has come to accept bad-for-you-foods as a norm. We have been duped by food corporations and pharmaceutical companies that these supposed good-for-you -foods  are in fact  really bad for you.

It scares me to see what I am seeing because many, many, will be paying the price for not extricating themselves from the current USA food culture.

Understand that food is one controllable part of the health equation that we will work our way through in the blog. Incorporating the elements of the health equation will design your body (vehicle) and certainly transport you. The analogy of turning a clunker into a Ferrari holds true when we refuel and maintain the engine parts.
Awesome Upgrade!
 The goal of reading through the blog and making changes is to be rewarded with an awesome upgrade that you can drive proudly and rely on to get you where you are going without any car trouble hassles.

Who wants to constantly be changing flat tires, calling AAA to rescue you off the side of the road? It gets desolate and frustrating if you cannot depend on your vehicle. And the same is true for your body.


  1. I would rather choose the car with the better condition engine and other parts. It costs higher in the start but lower maintenance and fuel costs for the first 2,3 years compared to other car.


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